20560843 Volvo.Penta Vacuum switch

20560843 Vacuum switch Volvo.Penta 1372, D13B-F MG; D13B-E MG; D13B-E MG (FE), D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP, TAD1140VE; TAD1141VE; TAD1142VE, TAD1150VE; TAD1151VE; TAD1152VE, TAD1170VE; TAD1171VE; TAD1172VE, TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE, TAD1341GE; TAD1342GE; TAD1343GE, TAD13 Vacuum
20560843 Vacuum switch Volvo Penta

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NOKORING New Vacuum Switch 20560843 Suitable for EC330B EC360B EC460B / FH/FM/FMX/NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 Renault Trucks [Replacement] 20569843 20409365 22996281
NOKORING 🔺New Vacuum Switch 20560843 suitable for EC330B EC360B EC460B / FH/FM/FMX/ NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 Renault Trucks [Replacement] 20569843 20409365 22996281 *Parts Number : 20560843 20569843 20409365 VOE 20409365 22996281 23307414 || 🔺Product details:Part Name: Vacuum Switch * Condition: New *Fitment Type: Direct Replacement || 🚙*Application: for FH/FM/FMX/ NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 Renault Trucks 🚙*Application: for EC330B EC360B EC460B EC380D EC480D A25D A30D A35D Excavator || 📦 PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 *20560843 20569843 Vacuum Switch as pictures shows || 🔺TIPS: *Precautions:Please make sure the model number, part number and photo is the same as yours *All aftermaket parts are designed and strictly tested in factory to ensure the durable life *Advantages of choosing our company: All products undergo strict inspection to ensure that each product can work reliably. Manufacturer direct sales, quality assurance. || 🔺Note: If your recipient address is not in the US, your package might be charged import tax by your country's customs. The sale prices don’t include duty & tax. You can confirm with your customs office about the tax before buying. Thanks.

[Replacement] 20560843 Vacuum Switch for Volvo for FH/for FM/for FMX/for NH 9/10/11/12/13/16 for Renault Trucks 20569843 20409365 LFMGUCW
LFMGUCW 【Product Quality】The product is the same as the description, very perfect, so that your vehicle works better and uses better. || 【Specialized factory】We have our own factory, the stock is sufficient, the quality is guaranteed. || 【Good performance】 Easy to install, good to use. According to the original factory specifications. || 【Pre-purchase inspection】Please carefully check the product model, size and year before purchasing to ensure that the product is what you need. || 【Good service】 If you have any questions, please contact me, we will make your shopping happy, you will have a good shopping experience.

FLieX Air Pressure Sensor Compatible with VOE20409365 VOE20565673 VOE20560843 VOE20569843 20569843 20565673 20560843 20409365
FLieX Save space: Pressure sensors usually have miniaturization design, which can save space and facilitate installation. || Fast response: The pressure sensor has a fast response time and can capture the instantaneous pressure change. || Simple installation: Pressure sensors usually have an easy-to-install design, which can adapt to various devices and systems. || Low power consumption: Some pressure sensors have low power consumption characteristics, which can prolong the service life of batteries and improve energy efficiency. || Multiple interfaces: Pressure sensors usually support multiple interface types, such as analog output, digital output, I2C, SPI, etc., and can be easily integrated into different systems.
Number on catalog scheme: 13

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

D13B-F MG; D13B-E MG; D13B-E MG (FE); D13B-F MG (FE)
D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP; D13C4-A MP; D13C6-A MP
TAD1140VE; TAD1141VE; TAD1142VE; TAD1140-42VE
TAD1150VE; TAD1151VE; TAD1152VE; TAD1150-52VE
TAD1170VE; TAD1171VE; TAD1172VE; TAD1170-72VE
TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE; TAD1343VE; TAD1344VE; TAD1345VE; TAD1360VE; TAD1361VE; TAD1362VE; TAD1363VE; TAD1364VE; TAD1365VE; TAD1360-
TAD1341GE; TAD1342GE; TAD1343GE; TAD1344GE; TAD1345GE; TAD1350GE; TAD1351GE; TAD1352GE; TAD1353GE; TAD1354GE; TAD1355GE
TAD1351VE; TAD1352VE; TAD1353VE; TAD1351-53VE
TAD1371VE; TAD1372VE; TAD1373VE; TAD1374VE; TAD1375VE; TAD1371-75VE
TAD1640GE; TAD1641GE; TAD1642GE; TAD1650GE; TAD1651GE; TWD1643GE; TWD1652GE; TWD1653GE; TWD1663GE
TAD1641VE; TAD1642VE; TAD1643VE; TAD1650VE; TAD1660VE; TAD1661VE; TAD1662VE; TAD1640VE-B; TAD1641VE-B; TAD1642VE-B; TAD1660-62VE; TAD1662VE
TAD1650VE-B; TAD1650VE-B/51VE; TAD1651VE
TAD1670VE; TAD1671VE; TAD1672VE; TAD1670-72VE
TAD540-42VE; TAD550-51VE; TAD540VE; TAD541VE; TAD542VE; TAD550VE; TAD551VE; TAD552VE
TAD840VE; TAD841VE; TAD842VE; TAD843VE; TAD852VE; TAD851VE; TAD853VE; TAD850-52VE; TAD840-43VE
TWD1240VE; TAD1241VE; TAD1242VE; TAD1250VE; TAD1251VE; TAD1252VE
TWD1672GE; TWD1673GE; TWD1672-1673GE

Parts vacuum Volvo Penta:

Vacuum switch
20565673 Vacuum switch
D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP, D8A1-A MP; D8A2-A MP
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