1080390 Volvo.Penta Pressure cylinder

1080390 Pressure cylinder Volvo.Penta DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360 Pressure
1080390 Pressure cylinder Volvo Penta

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Goodyear Belts 1080390 Serpentine Belt, 8-Rib, 39" Length
Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications; Long-life EPDM Rubber Compound || Proprietary rubber formulation for quiet operation || Synthetic tension members with balanced twist cord ensures neutral tracking when running || AutoCare Association recommends inspecting belts at 60,000 miles and replacing at 90,000 miles || Length: 39 inch or 991 mm; Alternate Part Number 8PK0991
Number on catalog scheme: 1

Compatible models:

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360; DH10A Rail; THD102KD; THD102KB

Parts pressure Volvo Penta:

Pressure equalizer
477173 Pressure equalizer
D70CHC; D70CRC; TD70CHC, DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360, TAD1030G; TD1010G; TWD1010G, TAD1030GE; TAD1031GE; TAD1032GE, TAD1030P, TAD1230G; TD1210G; TWD1210G, TAD1230P; TD121GP-87; TWD1210P, TAD1630P; TWD1630P; TWD1630PP, TAD1630V; TWD1630V, TAMD103A, TA
Pressure monitor
863169 Pressure monitor
2001; 2001B; 2001AG, AD31D; AD31D-A; AD31XD, AD31L-A; AD31P-A; AD41L-A, AD41D; D41D; TAMD41D, D12D-A MH; D12D-B MH; D12D-C MH, DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360, KAD32P; TAMD42WJ-A; KAD43P-A, KAD42A; KAMD42A; HS1A, KAD42B; KAMD42B; TAMD42B, KAD42P-A; KAMD4
Pressure cap
1674083 Pressure cap
1372, 4.3GL-E; 4.3GL-EF, 4.3GL-G; 4.3GL-GF, 4.3GL-J; 4.3GL-JF, 4.3GLPBYC; 4.3GSPBYC; 4.3GIPBYCCE, 4.3GXi-B; 4.3GXi-BF; 4.3OSi-B, 4.3GXi-C; 4.3GXi-CF; 4.3GXi-D, 4.3GXi-E; 4.3GXi-EF; 4.3OSi-E, 4.3GXi-F; 4.3GXi-FF; 4.3OSi-F, 4.3GXi-G; 4.3GXi-GF; 4.3OSi-
1668846 Pressure plate
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360
20363745 Pressure pipe
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360
20363746 Pressure pipe
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360
1612713 Pressure drop indica
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360
Pressure hose
425955 Pressure hose
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360
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