20487035 Volvo.Penta Clamp

20487035 Clamp Volvo.Penta TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE Clamp
20487035 Clamp Volvo Penta

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Volvo Truck 20487035 Exhaust Manifold Clamp Kit
Volvo Exhaust Manifold Clamp Kit 20487035||Replaces Volvo 20451672
Number on catalog scheme: 17

Compatible models:

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE

Parts clamp Volvo Penta:

952629 Clamp
2001; 2001B; 2001AG, AD30A; AQAD30A; MD30A, AQ115A; AQ115B; AQ130, AQD70D; TAMD70D; TAMD70E, D100A; D100AK; D100B, D11A-A; D11A-B; D11A-C, D11B3-A MP; D11B4-A MP, D13B-A MP; D13B-B MP; D13B-C MP, D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP, D3-110I-A; D3-110I
949747 Clamp
1372, AQD70D; TAMD70D; TAMD70E, D1-13; D1-13B; D1-20, D11A-A; D11A-B; D11A-C, D11B1-A MP; D11B2-A MP, D12D-A MG; D12D-E MG, D12D-A MH; D12D-B MH; D12D-C MH, D13B-A MP; D13B-B MP; D13B-C MP, D13B-E MH; D13B-E MH (FE); D13B-N MH, D13B-F MG; D13B-E MG;
952637 Clamp
430; 430A; 430B, 500; 500A; 501A, AQ225D; AQ225E; AQ225F, AQ260A; AQ260B; BB260A, BB231A; BB261A, D1-13; D1-13B; D1-20, D100BHC; D100BRC; TD100AHC, D12D-A MH; D12D-B MH; D12D-C MH, D16C-A MG, D16C-A MH; D16C-B MH; D16C-C MH, D16C-D MH, D3-110I-A; D3-
1556930 Clamp
D11A-A; D11A-B; D11A-C, D9A2A; D9A2A D9-425; D9A2A D9-500, D9A2A; D9A2A MG; D9A2A D9A-MG, TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE, TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE, TAD1350VE, TAD1360VE, TAD1361VE, TAD1363VE, TAD1640GE; TAD1641GE; TAD1642GE, TAD1641VE; TAD164
952626 Clamp
D3-110I-D; D3-110I-E; D3-110I-F, D3-110I-G; D3-140A-G; D3-140I-G, D3-110I-H; D3-140A-H; D3-140I-H, D4-180I-B; D4-180I-C; D4-180I-D, D6-280A-A; D6-280A-B; D6-280A-C, DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360, TAD1030G; TD1010G; TWD1010G, TAD1030GE; TAD1031GE; TAD10
952642 Clamp
DH10A; DH10A 285; DH10A 360, TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE
20485168 Clamp
TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE
941976 Clamp
TAD1240GE; TAD1241GE; TAD1242GE, TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE, TAD1341GE; TAD1342GE; TAD1343GE, TAD1350VE, TAD1640GE; TAD1641GE; TAD1642GE, TAD1641VE; TAD1642VE; TAD1643VE, TAD1643VE-B, TAD1650VE-B; TAD1650VE-B/51VE; TAD1651VE, TAD1670VE; TAD1671V
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