20730398 Volvo.Penta Bushing

20730398 Bushing Volvo.Penta 1372, D13B-A MP; D13B-B MP; D13B-C MP, D13B-E MH; D13B-E MH (FE); D13B-N MH, D13B-F MG; D13B-E MG; D13B-E MG (FE), D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP, TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE, TAD1341GE; TAD1342GE; TAD1343GE, TAD1350VE, TAD1351VE; TAD1352VE; Bushing
20730398 Bushing Volvo Penta

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DT Spare Parts Semi 2.10236 Connecting Rod Socket Diameter 57.4 mm Depth 63.4 mm L1 24 mm L2 47.5 mm for Trucks Bus
Brand: DT Spare Parts from Germany offers a complete range of around 40,000 vehicle parts and accessories in OEM quality including comprehensive premium service offer (including Premium Shop) - Genuine Quality. Durable trust. || Quality: DTQS-tested brand quality with 24-month warranty according to DT Spare Parts warranty || Features: technical data D: 57.4 mm, D: 63.4 mm, L1: 24 mm, L2: 47.5 mm || Compatibility: connecting rod bush for truck, bus replaces Volvo 20730398, 20525875 || Box contents: contains 6 pieces + 10 crown points for the premium shop (see crown code on the item label)
Number on catalog scheme: 13

Volvo Penta entire parts catalog list:

D13B-A MP; D13B-B MP; D13B-C MP; D13B-D MP; D13B-G MP; D13B-H MP; D13B-J MP; D13B-K MP; D13B-L MP; D13B-M MP; D13B-C MH
D13B-E MH; D13B-E MH (FE); D13B-N MH; D13B-N MH (FE)
D13B-F MG; D13B-E MG; D13B-E MG (FE); D13B-F MG (FE)
D13C1-A MP; D13C2-A MP; D13C3-A MP; D13C4-A MP; D13C6-A MP
TAD1340VE; TAD1341VE; TAD1342VE; TAD1343VE; TAD1344VE; TAD1345VE; TAD1360VE; TAD1361VE; TAD1362VE; TAD1363VE; TAD1364VE; TAD1365VE; TAD1360-
TAD1341GE; TAD1342GE; TAD1343GE; TAD1344GE; TAD1345GE; TAD1350GE; TAD1351GE; TAD1352GE; TAD1353GE; TAD1354GE; TAD1355GE
TAD1351VE; TAD1352VE; TAD1353VE; TAD1351-53VE
TAD1371VE; TAD1372VE; TAD1373VE; TAD1374VE; TAD1375VE; TAD1371-75VE

Parts bushing Volvo Penta:

3829680 Bushing
D11A-A; D11A-B; D11A-C, D11B1-A MP; D11B2-A MP, D11B3-A MP; D11B4-A MP, D12D-A MH; D12D-B MH; D12D-C MH, D13B-E MH; D13B-E MH (FE); D13B-N MH, D16C-A MH; D16C-B MH; D16C-C MH, D16C-D MH, D3-110I-A; D3-110I-B; D3-110I-C, D4-180I-B; D4-180I-C; D4-180I-
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