10210020 Mariner OWNERS MANUAL

10210020 OWNERS MANUAL Mariner 7F10203HD OWNERS
10210020 OWNERS MANUAL Mariner

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KW Inox Variant 1 Coilovers for 10210020
One product included kw version 1 in stainless steel set consists of two thread spring legs for coilovers for front as well as two springs with height adjustment and two dampers for the rear axle. All Coilover Kit Supplied with Gültigem Valuation Report, meaning it are used in recognised testing centres.||'The kw version 1 Coilovers for "Stainless Steel Line has a Fahrzeugspezifisches, Konfiguriertes shock setup. The spring and place in the are perfectly matched to when riding experience a good balance of sporty and suitability for daily use. Even at full capacity and maximum axle loads, the damper with a sporty Kennlinie. Interesting, this Coilover Kit more than anything for tuning friends, that makes the show & Shine thought the focus is on.||Please note the following restrictions Car Models (can vary): Lowering range in mm: 30 - 50/30 mm///Maximum Axle Load in kg:/780/with certificate, coilover are//No other vehicle instructions//Manufacturer's Instructions explaining the number see image above): 2||Suitable for the following vehicles: Audi A2 8Z 1.4 55 kw/1.4 TDI 55 kw/1.4 TDI 66 kw/1.6 FSi 81 kw

LZM 1021-002-0 - 27MM Oil Filter Wrench
Precision Made in the USA, Lifetime warrenty.||Anodized Finish||Aluminium
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