06164-PCA-000 Honda INJECTOR SET, FUEL (Honda Code 5738471).

06164-PCA-000 INJECTOR SET, FUEL (Honda Code 5738471). Honda BF115AX LA, BF115AX LCA, BF115AX XA, BF115AX XCA, BF115AY LA, BF115AY LCA, BF115AY XA, BF115AY XCA, BF130AX LA, BF130AX LCA, BF130AX XA, BF130AX XCA, BF130AY LA, BF130AY LCA, BF130AY XA, BF130AY XCA INJECTOR
06164-PCA-000 INJECTOR SET, FUEL (Honda Code 5738471). Honda

Buy INJECTOR SET, FUEL (Honda Code 5738471). 06164-PCA-000 Honda genuine, new aftermarket parts with delivery

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1/4pcs Fuel Injector 06164-PCA-000 For H0NDA 99-01 CRV 00-05 S2000 2.0L FJ339 FJ799 06164PCA000 06164 PCA 000 - (Color: 06164-PCA-000(1PCS))
Color: 06164-PCA-000(1PCS) || Origin: Mainland China || Oem no.: 06164-PCA-000 06164PCA000

06164-PCA-000 Fuel Injectors Fits for 1999-2000-2001 Honda CR-V 4PCS
As part of the fuel and engine management system, the fuel is sprayed at high speed and atomized for full combustion || Manufactured to OE specifications, the injectors offer a new look and direct mount to promote smooth engine operation and lower overall fuel consumption || Compatible with 1999-2000-2001 Honda CR-V || This part is critical and a professional is recommended to install the procedures and special tools needed to ensure the vehicle operates properly || 【Quality Guarantee】If your injector fails, cracks, stops working, or any other problem, you can count on our hassle-free replacement or refund service

W4-Moto 4Pcs Engine Fuel Injector Kits Replacement for Honda CR-V CRV S2000 2.0L 1999-2001 Fit for Fuel Injectors Set of 4, Replace OE 06164PCA000 06164-PCA-000 06164 PCA 000
【Fitment】Engine Fuel Injectors Fit for Honda CRV CR-V S2000 2.0L 1999 2000 2001. || 【Manufacturer Part Number】4pcs Fuel Injectors Kits Replace OE 06164-PCA-000, 06164PCA000, 06164 PCA 000. || 【High Performance】The Engine Fuel Injector Set of 4 Meet OEM standards, Compared with the original Fuel injector, designed for optimum fuel atomization (mist), It can promote smooth engine operation and balance fuel delivery, the combustion is more thorough, the power is increased, more fuel-efficient, for increased performance and fuel economy, reducing overall fuel consumption. || 【Premium Quality】Engine Fuel Injector made of metal & composite plastic, O-ring pre-installed, direct replacement for your vehicle's original factory component, Accelerate more smoothly, shift gears smoothly without frustration, reduce knocking, improve knocking phenomenon during rapid acceleration, no more frustration when the air conditioner starts and stops, energy saving and emission reduction. || 【Warranty Service】Fuel Injectors Set of 4, high quality materials withstand extreme conditions, to ensure no leaks and a long service life, Improves fuel injector durability, Please Check your vehicles fuel injector match the listing ones and select your vehicle at compatibility chart to check fit, If you have any questions about the Product, Please feel free to contact us.
Number on catalog scheme: 1

Honda entire parts catalog list:

BF115AX LA 1999
BF115AX LCA 1999
BF115AX XA 1999
BF115AX XCA 1999
BF115AY LA 2000
BF115AY LCA 2000
BF115AY XA 2000
BF115AY XCA 2000
BF130AX LA 1999
BF130AX LCA 1999
BF130AX XA 1999
BF130AX XCA 1999
BF130AY LA 2000
BF130AY LCA 2000
BF130AY XA 2000
BF130AY XCA 2000

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INJECTOR SET (Honda Code 6598668).
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