827509A10 Force CDM MODULE ASSEMBLY, Ignition

827509A10 CDM MODULE ASSEMBLY, Ignition Force H040312UD, H075312UD, H075412VD, H090412UD, H090422VD, H120412UD CDM
827509A10 CDM MODULE ASSEMBLY, Ignition Force

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Outboard Ignition Coil CDM Module For Mercury For MerCruiser Engines 30HP 40HP 100HP 200HP Replace 114 7509 827509T7 827509A10 (CO-82073)
Kicofyee Fits: For Mercury Engines 1996-2007 30HP 40HP 100HP 200HP For MerCruiser Engines 1996-2007 30HP 40HP 100HP 200HP For Force Engines 1996-1999 40HP 50HP 75HP 90HP 120HP || Replaces Part Number: 114-7509,827509A 1,827509A 3,827509A 4, 827509A 7, 827509A 8, 827509A 9, 827509A10, 827509T 7, 9-23202, AMW-3454 || Package Includes: Ignition Coil CDM Module || Character:Easy to install ignition coil with reliable performance || Suggestion: Before you buy this product, look at the product image carefully to make sure that we are selling the product you want

Ignition Coil CDM Module for Mercury MerCruiser Force Outboard Engine 4 Pin 30-300HP Replace 827509A1 827509A3 827509A4 827509A9 827509A10 114-7509 827509A7 827509T7
Perfect Compatible: OE replacement for Mercury/Mariner Ignition CDM Module is compatible with Mercury MerCruiser engines 1996-2007 (30-300HP), compatible with Force engines 1996-1999 (40,50,75,90 & 120HP) || Replace Part Number: 114-7509, 827509A1, 827509A3, 827509A4, 827509A7, 827509A8, 827509A9, 827509A10, 827509T7, 9-23202, AMW-3454 || Reliable Performance: The ignition coil CDM module ensures reliable performance of the outboard engine, providing consistent ignition and efficient combustion. || Enhanced Ignition System: The CDM module is built to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection against moisture, corrosion, and other elements. || Easy Replacement: The ignition coil CDM module is designed for easy installation and replacement, Plug and play, allowing for convenient maintenance and servicing of the outboard engine. Professional marine mechanic installation recommended for optimal results

3Pcs Outboard Ignition Coil CDM Module Fit For Mercury 30-300HP Force 40HP 50HP 75HP 90HP 120HP 1996-2007 Replace 114-7509 827509A10 827509T7, 4 Pins Outboard Replacement Ignition Coil Packs
Widely Applicable: The Outboard Ignition Coil perfectly fit for Mercury 1996-2007 (30-300HP) and Force 1996-1999 (40 50 75 90 120HP), relpace 114-7509 827509A10 827509T7 827509A3 827509A4 827509A7 827509A8 and 827509A9 ignition coil models, widely applicable, light up every voyage || Optimized Ignition: The Coil improve ignition system efficiency and electrical performance, delivering higher accuracy and stability. Experience faster, more reliable starts and smoother runs, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of riding on the water with greater power output, faster acceleration, and higher top speed || Effective Troubleshooting: The ignition coil effectively resolves issues such as starting difficulties, or poor performance, restoring to normal functionality, providing water fun || Rugged Reliability: Crafted with high-quality components and durable materials, high strength and toughness, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and flame retardant, maintaining stable and reliable performance even in harsh conditions, thus extending the overall service life of the ignition system || Save Time and Money: The 3PCS Ignition Coil offers an economical solution by directly replacing damaged parts. Effortless installation and efficient operation minimize maintenance costs and time investment, providing significant savings in both time and money for you
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H040312UD 1998,1999
H075312UD 1998
H075412VD 1999
H090412UD 1998
H090422VD 1999
H120412UD 1998,1999

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