F17611 Force BRUSH SET (2 PER SET)

F17611 BRUSH SET (2 PER SET) Force H0507C87C, H0507F87B, H0851X88A, H0853F88B, H0856C87B, H0903E91D, H0903F90B, H0903F90C, H0903F91A, H0903F91C, H0906A90A, H1251A88A, H1251A88B, H1251A88C, H1251A89A, H1251A89B, H1251A89C, H1251A89D, H1251A89E, H1251F87B BRUSH
F17611 BRUSH SET (2 PER SET) Force

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Sierra 18-6255 Power Trim Brush
Designed for use with Prestolite pumps (Mercury #93247A4) || Interchangeable with Chrysler/Force/US Marine 392-8989, F17504, F17611, Mercruiser Stern Drive 392-2941, 392-8989, and Mercury Marine 392-2941, 392-8989 || Includes one power trim brush || Each Sierra product meets or exceeds the original equipment part it replaces.
Number on catalog scheme: 28

Force entire parts catalog list:

H0507C87C 1987
H0507F87B 1987
H0851X88A 1988
H0853F88B 1988,1989
H0856C87B 1987
H0903E91D 1991
H0903F90B 1990
H0903F90C 1990
H0903F91A 1991
H0903F91C 1991
H0906A90A 1990
H1251A88A 1988
H1251A88B 1988
H1251A88C 1988
H1251A89A 1989
H1251A89B 1989
H1251A89C 1989
H1251A89D 1989
H1251A89E 1989
H1251F87B 1987

Parts brush Force:

H0252B83G, H0257F88A, H0257F88B, H0350H78L, H0351H76K, H0352F90B, H0352F90C, H0353E91A, H0353E91B, H0355D89A, H0356F89B, H0357C86A, H0357C87A, H0357C88B, H0357F88A, H0357F89C, H0357G90A, H0503H84B, H0504H88C, H0504H88D, H0504P89B, H0505C89B, H0507A89
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